Rainwater that falls on any hard surface must be discharged into the ground or the mains drainage system. This poses the risk of environmental contamination from hydrocarbons.  Such surfaces include petrol forecourts, car parks, roadways, vehicle maintenance areas.  Contamination from these areas can have enormous impact on the environment.

Pollution prevention is a critical part of drainage systems and statutory regulations are in force to control the discharge of hydrocarbons, with severe penalties imposed for non-compliance.
Premier Tech Aqua offers a proven range of separator and alarm systems for installation on surface water drainage systems and are designed to prevent these hydrocarbons (e.g. diesel, petrol, engine oil) from mixing with surface water and entering the environment.

All of our stormwater management products ensure the upmost in safety and are fully complient with Environment agency Guidelines.  The type of separator used is determined by the severity of a possible contamination event.


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Conder Bypass Separators

The Premier Tech Aqua range of Conder Bypass Separators are used when it is deemed an acceptable risk to not provide full treatment for high flows, for example where only small spillages occur and the risk of spillage is small.

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Conder Full Retention Separators

The Premier Tech Aqua Range of Full Retention Separators are designed to treat the full flow that can be delivered by a drainage system. They are used where there is a risk of regular contamination with oil and a foreseeable risk of significant spillages.

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Conder Forecourt Separators

Conder Forecourt Separators have been designed for specific use in petrol filling stations and other similar applications. The size of this separator has been specifically increased in order to retain the possible loss of the contents from one compartment of a road tanker, which could be up to 7,600 litres.

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Conder Stormwater Attenuation Tanks

Combine this with full technical assistance and you’re assured that your attenuation system meets predicted stormwater capacity. All our systems come with resin-rich interior walls that provide a durable, chemical and corrosion resistant surface with excellent flow characteristics.

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Conder Wash Down and Silt Separators

Conder Wash Down Separators and Silt Traps are designed to remove silt. They are used in areas such as car washes, pressure wash facilities or other cleaning facilities and must be discharged to the foul water drainage system.

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Conder Separator Alarm Systems

All separators must be fitted with an alarm in order to provide visual and audible warning when the level of oil reaches 90% of its storage capacity, as required by The Environment Agency’s PPG 3.

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