Rainwater Harvesting

Water is life.

Continuous demand, climbing mains water rates and possible future scenarios for water stress, all highlight the importance of conserving these precious water resources by making an effort not to waste them.

Rainwater harvesting is a very useful method to utilise free water when it is available, Making our water supply greener.

Why invest in a Rainwater Harvesting system?

  • Reduces demand for mains water and relieves pressure on available supplies.
  • Reduces water bills.
  • Reduces water taken from lakes, rivers and aquifers. Leaves more to benefit ecosystems and help sustain the water environment.

Premier Tech Aqua offers a vast range of Rainwater Harvesting systems and accessories for residential and commercial projects. Discover the Conder, Rewatec F-Line and Blue-Line Rainwater Harvesting Systems.

Take the pressure off the urban water supply and the resources that are used to prepare piped water.

Benefit the environment and replenish the ecological reserve.

Invest in a Rainwater Harvesting system!

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Conder Rainwater Harvesting

Made of robust GRP material, the Conder Rainwater Harvesting range is suitable to meet the needs of domestic and commercial properties, reducing pressure on drainage systems and significantly reducing water bills.

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Rewatec F-Line

The F-Line tank is our most popular and widely sold system for use as either a garden-only system or for both home and garden. Reduces mains water consumption by up to 50%.

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Rewatec Blue-Line

Rewatec Blue-Line Rainwater Harvesting System incorporates all the same properties as the F-LINE system but in a classic cylindrical design. It is available in 5 standard sizes ranging from 2,600 to 10,000 litres.

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World leader in onsite and decentralized wastewater treatment, water storage and rain water harvesting solutions, Premier Tech Aqua specializes in the design and manufacturing of innovative and durable solutions.

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