Conder Vertical Pump Stations

Designed for areas where a natural gravity discharge is unavailable, Premier Tech Aqua’s range of vertical package pump stations are designed for raising sewage, effluent, wastewater, rainwater and surface water.
The Conder range of vertical pump stations is designed for applications that may require a 24-hour storage capacity of up to 30m3 (dependant on invert level) and is available in sizes from 1 to 2.5 metres wide and 6 metres deep.


Typical applications include:

  • Large residential developments (typically more than 5 houses)
  • Caravan sites
  • Holiday parks
  • Hotels and leisure complexes
  • Industrial units
  • Commercial business parks

Quality and Adaptability

Each pump station in the Conder product range is individually designed to make sure you receive a bespoke solution that cost effectively meets the requirements of your project with the highest quality product on the market. Our range of rising options means you can be reassured that the riser selected is the one most suited to your application. With a choice of single or three phase units, combined with either single or dual pump functionality, Premier Tech Aqua guarantees you the highest-quality performance with the promise of the most cost-effective solution.

Plug and Play Design

Premier Tech Aqua offers complete turnkey solutions for all pump station applications. This means you’re assured that your pump station is planned to suit your budget and operational requirements. From advice and initial specification through to supply, installation and commissioning, we offer a whole product life package that provides our customers with the most convenient, LEAN practices that guarantee operational excellence.

Guaranteed Safety Standards

The inclusion of an auto-coupling system and five-ton rated manhole cover, as standard, ensures your pump station adheres to strict safety standards and guarantees easy and safe pump removal, without the need to ever enter the tank. Combine these standard safety functions with our optional safety upgrades, including dial-out alarms, sonic controls and weightier manhole covers, and you’re reassured that the Conder range of pump stations takes your safety seriously.

Low Maintenance

Designed to have zero visual impact on its site location, the Conder Pump Station offers a complete below ground installation that is easy to install, completely sealed to protect against noise and odour and automatic in operation meaning that maintenance time on site is kept to a minimum.


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